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How to embed a Convert Kit form on your site.

To embed a Convert Kit sign up form to your site, perform the following steps.

1. Create a New Form.

2. Seclect Form when asked how you gather subscribers.

3. Select the simple form, the 3rd option on the right.

4. Click Settings > Embed

5. Select Javascript and copy embed code.

Wordpress can be select if you install the ConvertKit Wordpress plugin, but the Wordpress short code will not work within Widgets.

6. Paste the Javascript code to the place you want the signup form to be located. 

Note, if adding to a Wordpress post or page, paste code in the Text area of the editor, not the Visual area.

This is how the form will look on your site:

Note: Font should match the font type on your website. The button color can be customized by going to your form settings, select Content, then the Magic Wand icon next to the Save button.